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All we are steadily moving forward. But sometimes in life there are moments when I want to (or even necessary) to stop, look around, look back. This applies to all of the results of labor to the most important, significant events in life, such as birth, wedding, holiday, product presentation, presentation. Events joyful, obedinyayushih memories. At such moments, we are looking back to the past, we can help themselves to recreate the picture, the mood, the last moments. and what is the imprint of reality, emotions frozen gleam? Of course, photography. Vzlyadyvaya it we lose and find yourself dipping at some time in the past, seeing the results of work, the last moments of life stage, we find ourselves inspired. And this is very important, because of our mood now, it depends on the quality of our lives. Many do not betray the values ​​of pictures with his image. But this "frozen moment" will be possible to observe the surrounding, and possibly your children and grandchildren. What would you like to stand in front of them? What attire, in what mood? In our studio, we approach to all these issues in the complex. From the smallest detail of the wardrobe and lighting up tonchayshih mood swings. We know our business and work with us will bring you true satisfaction, it is work, because it is a good frame-work together on both sides of the lens.

At the request will send a portfolio to a specific type of shooting.

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